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What we do

Athletic Development

At Bridge of Hope, we use sports to teach healthy life choices and promote peace across Rwanda.

We teach kids dance and modelling skills. There is evidence that being involved in these activities can increase a child’s success in school.

Our vision is to establish a Youth Training and Resource Centre where both international and Rwandan volunteers will provide opportunities for disadvantaged children and youth to improve their talents and gain self-confidence.

A safe, packed-dirt football field will provide opportunities to:

  • Bring kids together to interact in a fun way.
  • Share and appreciate each others’ talents.
  • Learn athletic skills in soccer, football, volleyball, and basketball.
  • Participate in an organized sports development program.
  • Teach and learn traditional Intore Dance to appreciate Rwandan culture.



Every child deserves an education, but not every child in Rwanda has access to one. Bridge of Hope makes education a reality for youth in Southern Rwanda.

The literacy rate in Rwanda is only 70%, with the average adult only completing 2 years of school. There are currently almost 100,000 young girls who are not receiving even an elementary school education.

Bridge of Hope’s goal is to run a Youth Training and Resource Center where we will offer both basic literacy and computer skills training to underprivileged children and youth.

Currently, Bridge of Hope has extended support to over 30 students in poverty by providing bursaries and other material support. This support has helped students return to primary, secondary, and tertiary education.

At Bridge of Hope, we identify the children who have dropped out of school and help them get back to school and to stay in school.

We strive to provide the following services for the community:

  • Provide school supplies to students that cannot afford them.
  • Teach and hire young mothers to sew school uniforms.
  • Help students with school fees.
  • Provide tutoring to help students catch up and stay in school.

Empowerment of Local Women

We help women in the community to be independent and support themselves. We supply sewing machines and a shop to allow local women to make and sell clothes. The sewing machines and shop are located at our premises in Kimironku, Kigali. The Facebook page for our shop can be found here.