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Experience Rwanda

Experience Rwanda is one the programs that Bridge of Hope offers. We craft life-changing adventures, preparing students from across the world to be local and global leaders. Our mission is to create low-impact, service learning in the heart of east Africa.

We are convinced that the Experience Rwanda program is one of the most intimate and unique international experiences available for middle and high school students. Our 2, 4 and 6-week summer programs are nothing like a typical trip. Our trips are designed specifically for international schools and will change the way students view global citizenship and produce leaders in search of positive change.

Our combination of service learning, driven by intentional experiences and adventure, make our programs stand on their own. Whether it be partnering with an non-profit organization, Bridge of Hope, learning about peace and reconciliation from genocide through arts and design, our programs are thorough, expertly led and designed with each individual participant in mind.

Out of respect for Rwanda, we tread lightly on her hills – planting trees to offset emissions, walking whenever possible, eating locally produced foods – in order to actively engage in local economic growth and reduce our carbon footprint. Experience Rwanda prides itself on low-impact learning and being responsible stewards of our Earth.

We can confidently – and humbly – say that there are few international education programs that truly understand the context in which they operate in like we do. Our employees don’t just travel to Rwanda; we live here. We are excited to share, lead and be ambassadors of the hills that have given us so much. We’re excited and ready to begin this incredible journey. Will you join us?

Our Shop

Bridge of Hope’s handmade products are another great way to support the local community! The Bridge of Hope arts center showcases beautiful handcrafted jewelry, bags, and home goods. Bridge of Hope is committed to longterm collaboration, fair pay, and sustainability. Each product is tagged with the name of the artisan who crafted it, and if you have enough time, you can even commission your own specialty items. Bridge of Hope is also happy to introduce you to the artisan who crafted your selection.