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Partner With Us

Bridge of Hope’s activities rely on donations from a generous few. Any fundraising that you are able to accomplish will directly impact our projects and the communities we work with by allowing us to grow and expand. By using your initiative to host an event, get sponsored in a race, or host a party, you will be helping us to add more students to our bursar program, employ more women through our crafts programs, and provide more study materials for students in the community.

Additional fundraising ideas:

  • Cocktail party
  • Throw a party with donated goods and charge entrance
  • Set yourself a physical challenge and find sponsors
  • In-kind donations

Do you know anybody with a specific skill who is willing to donate his or her talent to Bridge of Hope Rwanda? Photographers, writers, graphic designers, musicians, marketing specialists etc, can be greatly beneficial to the organization. We also appreciate donated items such as laptop computers, school materials etc.

Introduce Bridge of Hope to a Foundation or Corporation

Do you have connections with corporations, businesses, or organizations interested in exploring opportunities for corporate responsibility? If so, please contact us using the form below.