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Visitors from The School for Ethics and Global Leadership, Washington D.C.

On 3rd August, we welcomed a group from The School for Ethics and Global Leadership to one of our dance classes. The students ranged in age from 17-19. Carl Wilkens – the only American to stay in Rwanda during the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi – is a guest speaker at the school during the unit on genocide and was leading the students on a  journey through Rwanda. Our director gave a talk to the students about the role of dance in improving the educational performance of children. One of the trip’s leaders, Jeremy Brown, kindly donated us a laptop to help with playing music for our dance sessions.





When businesses invest in women as entrepreneurs, caregivers and leaders in the communities in which they work, company reputation and operational efficiency can be dramatically improved. After trainings and education necessary to live empowered and self-sustaining lives, we offer employment and fair payments to our artisans.

Bridge of Hope programs provide sustainable solutions


Children living in extreme rural poverty trail their urban counterparts in access to education and the privilege to seek improved life opportunities. Bridge of Hope programs provide sustainable solutions that help disadvantaged children and those affected by family conflicts to gain a solid education. Our comprehensive approach targets the root causes of why children are not attending school or are underachieving when they are in school. Our success and continued growth is due to our reliance on local knowledge and expertise to develop solutions that are viable and sustainable in Rwanda. We invest our resources locally. This helps boost local economy and keeps costs low.

School of promise


We envision a society where people are healthy, safe, and self-sufficient: a place where every person, regardless of their background, has a voice in their future and access to opportunities and resources to realize that future. We envision a community that finds strength in diversity and individuals that are empowered to pursue opportunities both locally and across the globe.